Baby Born On Plane, Nationality Up In The Air

Baby Born On Plane, Nationality Up In The Air

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Thank goodness Philippine Airlines’ crew are trained to handle in-flight childbirths, because a passenger had a baby onboard a PA flight Monday.

Aida Alamillo, 41, was heading from Manila to San Francisco when she went into pre-term labor at 35 weeks, reports the airline. She was aided by three nurses on board and cabin crew members.

In the flight incident report, Flight Purser Antonia Castañeda reported the baby boy had "good skin color” and that it let out a "loud cry" upon entering the world. Alamillo and her son were brought to a hospital upon landing. The little guy was named Kevin Raymar Francis Domingo. "Francis" is a nod to the fact that he was born en route to San Francisco, according to NBC Bay Area.

Though she was due September 28, Alamillo was medically cleared to fly.

According to MyFoxBoston, Alamillo’s final destination was Massachusetts, where her sister lives, as does her ailing father whom she was in a rush to see. She had a visa to travel to the U.S., and was bringing her three children to live in the country. It was her hope that the fourth would be born stateside so it would automatically have U.S. citizenship.

It’s unclear whether or not the baby was born over international waters.

“If a child is born over open ocean it is generally considered a citizen of the country the parent has legal citizenship in.” Jennifer Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies told Fox. “If the baby was born in US airspace, it is automatically a United States citizen.”

Earlier this month, a French woman gave birth on an Alitalia flight bound for Paris. The baby's birth was also cheered by surprised passengers.

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