Photographer Does Unbelievably Cute Newborn Photo Shoot With Baby Bunny

Be still, our hearts!

This is what happens when your pets become your children.

Bangladesh-based photographer Ashraful Arefin got two pet bunnies in 2014. When his bunny Tooni had a baby this year, he decided to celebrate the birth with a newborn photo shoot to end all newborn photo shoots.

“I’ve seen some amazing human newborn photographs online and wanted to try something like that,” Arefin told HuffPost. “Watching her growing up everyday, opening her eyes for the first time, wiggling her tiny nose…everything was just so special! I just wanted to keep those moments in my memory, like a souvenir through these photos.”

The baby bunny, named Madame Froufrou ― be still, our hearts! ― was born on January 1st. Arefin began photographing her the next day, and completed his series on day 16. Arefin hopes his photo shoot will inspire people to appreciate bunnies.

“I want people to love and admire bunnies more,” Arefin said. “A pet bunny can live up to 12 years and requires as much care, company and space as a dog. I hope and wish my photos will make people feel that bunnies are beautiful...and they are great pets just like dogs and cats.”

If you’re ready for a cuteness attack of epic proportions, take a look at Arefin’s photos below.