Baby Carried Through Waist-High Water, Rescued In Tennessee Floods (VIDEO)

Nashville's flash flooding on Thursday morning ended in the heroic rescue of several people, including the Marlin family and their 5-week-old daughter, WKRN reports.

Incredibly, the baby stayed asleep for the entire harrowing event, carried to safety in a car seat by rescue crews wading through waist-high water.

The water started rising in the early morning, reaching 4-5 feet inside the Marlins' home and affecting 10 other houses on their street in Madison, a town just north of Nashville.

Firefighters successfully saved the baby, her parents and 4-year-old brother, along with several others in the area, according to Sky News.

There were more than 35 rescue efforts Thursday morning, Nashville's assistant fire chief, Charles Shannon, told ABC News.

"We were stuck. We had nowhere to go," mother Rebecca Marlin told WKRN. "They told us to get in the attic and pop out our vents and hang a towel out so the fire department could see us."

The water rose so fast that the family only had time to save a few treasured items, and Marlin grabbed her children's baby books filled with photographs. Everything else was lost, including supplies and clothing.

But the family is still in high spirits.

"As long as we're together, none of that stuff matters," Marlin said. "It can all be replaced, my family can't."



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