Dad Blogger Doyin Richards Is Tired Of Going Into Women's Restrooms To Change His Baby's Diaper


Earlier this month, Ashton Kutcher posted a Facebook status calling attention to the lack of diaper changing tables in men's public restrooms. But Kutcher's plea -- and subsequent petition -- are just the latest efforts among dads who are working to implement change.

Father of two Doyin Richards addressed the problem last year on his blog Daddy Doin' Work, and explained to HuffPost Live on Wednesday why this is an issue rooted in equality. He told host Nancy Redd that there needs to be a changing table in mens' restrooms if one exists in the adjacent women's room. He's explained that he's had to knock on the door to women's restrooms asking to change his child's diaper, to which he's received overwhelming support.

"[Mothers] are, like, applauding me. They're, like, throwing rose petals on my feet. They love it," Richards said, adding that women are tired of always having to be the one to change diapers in public. The onus is on moms to be the sole parent in most public places, which is why Richards praises Ashton Kutcher for recognizing that this is a "parenting and equality issue."

"When [mothers] see men who want to step up -- not because they’re supposed to step up, they actually are intrinsically motivated to step up and change diapers -- that’s a beautiful thing to see," Richards said.

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