Curious Deer Approaches Cameraman, Licks Lens With No Inhibitions

Now this is up-close and personal camera work.

The YouTube user A Bad Idol recently uploaded a video of a deer approaching him and his camera while he filmed the animal from his porch.

At first, the man begins to back away as the deer approaches. But then, after reaching his porch, he stops while the deer keeps coming forward. Oddly enough, it seems the curious deer just wanted a taste of the camera, perhaps checking to see if it was food.

It's possible the deer approached the camera as a result of habituation, where deer become accustomed to being fed by and hanging around humans. That's another big reason why many wildlife organizations warn to never feed deer, and always interact with wildlife with caution.

CORRECTION: This article previously mischaracterized the age of the deer in the video as a "baby."

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