A DIY Facial With... A Baby Diaper?

A DIY Facial Using... A Baby Diaper?

Our do-it-yourself facials typically fall into the unglamorous category. We wear a homemade mask made out of apple cider vinegar and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, wash it off with lukewarm water and pat our faces dry with whatever towel is hanging next to the bathroom sink.

While this simple routine helps to get the gunk out of our pores, according to Control Corrective Skincare founder and president Ellen Clark, we should seriously reconsider how we're wiping our faces.

Instead of using the traditional towels to remove your cleanser or mask, Clark believes that people with sensitive skin (like us!) use baby diapers as wash cloths. "You'll want to search for 100 percent all-natural cotton," she explained. "They're made for sensitive area, so it's already using a high-quality cotton. When you wash it, it will soften in a way that I haven't found yet with a regular towel."

Brands such as Econobum, BumGenius and Bummis make organic cotton cloth diapers if you dare try.

Clark suggests following up with a hydrating serum that contains hyaluronic acid (which allows your skin to better retain water) and calming botanicals such as green tea, willow herb and chamomile. And don't forget to smooth on a moisturizer to combat excessive dryness, especially during the cold-weather months.

Think wiping your face with a baby diaper is strange? You haven't seen anything yet:

Solid Gold Facial

WTF Is That??

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