WATCH: Amazing Rescue Of Baby Elephant From Abandoned Well

A baby elephant was rescued from a muddy pit last week thanks to the hard work of residents of southern India's Kerala state.

The young animal was walking with its mother and other members of their herd when it fell into an abandoned well in the Kuttampuzha Forest Range, according to the Independent.

Despite the elephant's attempts to dig itself out, it took locals using a digger and ropes to pull the animal out.

Last October, forest officials performed a count of pits in forests in the area. They found 40 pits alone in Kuttampuzha, some of which pose an immediate threat to elephants. The holes averaged nearly 10 feet deep and almost 20 feet in circumference. Officials planned to reduce the depth of pits and level their sides to allow elephants to escape on their own.

Check out more footage of the rescue below:



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