'Baby Fever' Is A Real Scientific Phenomenon

'Baby Fever' Is A Real Scientific Phenomenon

If the sight of an adorable infant sends your biological clock into a frenzy, you're likely experiencing what researchers are calling "baby fever."

Though you may have passed off this fever as a joke in previous conversations with girlfriends or loved ones, new research in the journal Emotion is calling the sudden irrepressible, inexplicable urge to make a baby a legitimate emotional and physical phenomenon. And men experience it, too. Women Say Late 20s Are Ideal Age For Starting A Family.

The research was conducted by a husband and wife pair at Kansas State University, inspired to investigate the phenomenon after the birth of their second child. They began by conducting a formal survey and found that both sexes develop the fever, though the intensity of the sensation varies greatly over time. Interestingly (although expectedly), when asked to rank the importance of being famous, having sex, having money and having a baby, women rated having a baby higher than men, who greatly preferred just having sex.

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