The 'Baby Flask' Might Just Be The Greatest Life Hack Of Them All

Drinking in public has never been so sweet.

Imagine looking like a loving mother or father as you kiss the top of your baby's head, when really you're getting tipsy on the DL. That's the idea behind the baby flask, a project on Instructables based on an unfulfilled Kickstarter for "Cool Baby" by Simon Philion. The video above provides step-by-step instructions on how to turn a baby doll into a drink holder for about $70. Visually, it is a bit (hilariously) disturbing to watch it get made, but you can cut to the chase and see the baby flask in action in the video below.

As genius as this is, let's be real: someone will probably, at some point, notice that you've been sucking liquid out of a fake baby in a sling all night. The more you imbibe, the less careful you'll be and this will probably result in some awkward conversations with actual parents/law enforcement. But still: it's a flask that looks like a baby!!!

Oh, and don't forget to remove all that Spam and other garbage from your baby before you fill it with booze. That's just good parenting.



Drunk Baby Meme