Baby Giraffe VIDEO: Rare Female Calf Stands Up For The First Time

This video of a rare baby giraffe standing up for the first time will make you glad to be alive.

In the video above, the Rothschild giraffe is captured finally getting to her feet after several failed but adorable attempts. The still-unnamed female calf was born March 22 at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center (LEOZCC), a preservation refuge and breeding center for rare, threatened and endangered species.

The arrival of the baby Rothschild giraffe apparently sparked the interest of the rest of the giraffe herd, who eagerly gathered to greet the newcomer, LEOZCC writes on its website.

The baby giraffe is the first to be born at the Connecticut center.

The calf's birth is especially significant because Rothschild giraffes (one of nine subspecies of giraffe) were listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List in 2010. There are thought to be under 700 left in the wild, LEOZCC notes on its website.

While there are some small groups living separately in protected areas in Kenya, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation writes that there is only one natural population left in the world, in Uganda.



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