Watch This Baby's Ridiculously Cute Reaction To Seeing His Mom Clearly For The First Time

"That's a smile we just hadn't really seen before."

Little Leopold Reppond couldn't stop grinning after seeing his mom clearly for the very first time.

Adorable video shows the 4-month-old, who has impaired vision due to a rare condition called oculocutaneous albinism, having glasses placed over his eyes.

He takes a few seconds to get used to his improved eyesight. But then he looks up at his mother Erin, and breaks out into a beautiful smile.

The tiny tot from Seattle, Washington, is witnessing the world around him in focus for the very first time, and obviously likes what he sees.

Leopold's father, David Reppond filmed the intimate moment, which went viral after he posted the video to Facebook last Saturday.

"When he finally did look up that second time and you see that recognition on his face, that's a smile we just hadn't really seen before," Leopold's mother Erin told ABC News. "He's a pretty happy baby and he smiles and I feel like he generally is pretty happy, but that smile was something that was so different for me to see."

One in 20,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism, according to the National Institute of Health. The condition affects the coloring of the skin, eyes and hair.

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