This Orphan Baby Goat And His Human BFF Are Inseparable

Benjamin, an orphaned baby pygmy goat, follows his best friend, Tom Horsfield, everywhere he goes.


He even accompanies his pal to Horsfield's nursery business in South Yorkshire, England, and happily gambols about while Horsfield is working.


According to an adorable video filmed by BBC Look North, Horsfield has been personally taking care of Benji, who’s now just 5 weeks old, since the baby goat’s mom rejected him after he was born.

“His mother gave birth to twins but unfortunately she couldn’t rear two of them so we had to take one on board,” Horsfield said in the clip, adding that he’s hand-rearing Benji at home, feeding him five or six times a day from a bottle.

Horsfield says he will continue to raise Benji until he's old enough to live independently in the countryside.


Since the BBC posted its video of Benji online last week, the aww-inducing clip has reportedly been watched at least 28 million times.

Horsfield told the BBC this week that he’s been “flabbergasted” by the amount of attention that he and his baby goat are getting, but said that little Benji is taking his massive popularity in his stride.

“Fame hasn’t really gone to his horns,” Horsfield said. “He’s loving all the attention.”

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