Adorable Baby Goat Is Full Of The Joys Of Spring

Embrace your inner kid!

George Washington knows how to live his life.

The baby Nigerian dwarf goat has been caught on camera bouncing around, less than 24 hours after being born.

Adorable video shows the first U.S. President’s namesake leaping awkwardly into the air, as he appears desperate to learn how to jump.

But he doesn't have the power in his hind legs, and quickly falls back down each time he tries. Don't give up little buddy, you’ll get there!

The footage was filmed at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine. It went viral after being posted to YouTube on Thursday.

"On his first walk outside with his mom May, he leapt the whole way," the farm wrote in the video's description. "Why walk when you can SPRING! Gotta love the enthusiasm of baby goats."

The creamery states it is a no-cull dairy farm, with all of its goats living out their full lives as either dairy animals or pets.