Day-Old Goats Are Learning To Jump Because Sometimes We Can Have Nice Things

So pure.

Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine has churned out something even sweeter than its homemade caramel.

The dairy has released baaa-rilliant video featuring 1-day-old goats in sweaters learning how to jump because sometimes the world is good, OK?

Omg, stop it. Too. Much. Cute.
Omg, stop it. Too. Much. Cute.

According to Sunflower Farm’s YouTube page, about 20 goats are expected to give birth this spring, and the first arrivals, who are featured in the video, came on April 9. The proud mother’s name is Rhubarb and her kids’ names are Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold and Bruno. And if that isn’t cute enough, the babies were dressed in sweaters because the Maine weather was a tad too chilly for their new, fragile little bodies.

While many dairy farms kill animals that don’t serve an economic purpose for the operation ― like males or goats that are no longer producing milk ― Sunflower Farm boasts about being a “no cull” operation that allows all its animals to live out their days in peace.

In addition to treating their “little goats like queens,” the farm also produces feta and chevre, and starting June 1 it will offer yoga on the premises as well.

We kid you not.

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