Baby Hippo Dances Underwater (VIDEO)

WATCH: Baby Hippo Dances Adorable Underwater Ballet

Talk about a day brightener. Last month, the San Diego Zoo uploaded this short video of Adhama, a seven-month-old baby hippo who has moves like you've never seen.

Adhama's care supervisor Matt Akel told the Daily Mail that the burgeoning dancer was born in January weighing 100 pounds.

'It's interesting that Adhama's personality has definitely blossomed," he said. "He's playing around with his mum and mouthing his mum. You see her push him around, but she's just playing. You see him stand up on the rock to take a breath, spin sideways and tumble in the water."

According to The Sun, the name Adhama means "honor" or "glory" in Swahili, and he is the fourth calf born to his mother, Funani.


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