Baby Hippo Licks Crocodile (VIDEO)


File this one under "unexpected."

This video from National Geographic shows some brazen hippopotamuses and their audacity to romp freely among African crocodiles, even amidst intense feeding sessions. If that isn't enough, the hippos also lick and gnaw at the crocodiles' armor. A baby hippo is even seen to treat a croc like its personal chew toy!

And no, the crocodiles don't give any gruff warning snaps to shoo away the bothersome hippos, but instead tolerate their antics.

According to National Geographic, scientists haven't been able to explain why, but hippos (which are herbivores) seem to enjoy hanging around crocodiles during their bloody feeding sessions. The crocs don't mess with the hippos, knowing that the massive vegetarians are more powerful than they are.


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