Baby Is So In Love With Her Life-Sized Teddy Bear In Adorable Pic

Grandpas truly are the best.

What baby wants, baby gets. For 5-month-old Madeline Jane, that happened to be a larger-than-life teddy bear.

Madeline’s mother, Sabrina Gonzalez, posted an adorable photo of the tiny tot posing with a gargantuan teddy bear and it quickly went viral.

The bear was a gift from grandpa, 46-year-old Daniel Gonzalez, who works at a Costco. Daniel posted a photo of himself with a shipment of the huge toys at the store and Sabrina playfully commented that his granddaughter would definitely like one of those.

Like any good grandpa, Madeline’s wish was his command. One pick-up truck, and we suspect, some heavy-lifting later,  the infant was presented with her favorite new toy.

“She doesn’t react to any other toy like she does when she saw the bear,” Sabrina told The Huffington Post in an email.

Here’s her adorable reaction:

As for the bear, it doesn’t have a name yet. Sabrina says, she’s waiting for Madeline to pick a name herself. A-dorable. 



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