Baby Liam Karpiuk's Millennium Falcon Pays Tribute To 'Star Wars', Han Solo (PHOTOS) [UPDATE]

Because seriously, what kid doesn't need his own Millennium Falcon?

That's the attitude proud parents Lucas and Lesley Karpiuk have regarding their epic creation for Baby Liam.


According to the couple's blog, the self-proclaimed "little geek family" decided to build a cardboard version of the iconic "Star Wars" spacecraft after baby Liam, acting age-appropriately at 6-months-old, was more fascinated by a box than the toy that came inside of it.

Both Lucas and Lesley are fans of "Star Wars" and decided to pay homage to their own childhoods.

The project took about three months to complete (yes, life got in the way), but Lesley excitedly unveiled the finished product to the world on April 4, and the Internet gave pictures of now 9-month-old Liam a warm welcome. His detailed spacecraft is comprised of several boxes, papier-mâché, packing tape, and silver spray paint.

Han Solo would be proud.

Check out the adorable photos of baby Liam and his trusted companion in the slideshow below. For more details on Liam's new ride, visit the Karpiuks' blog.

UPDATE 3:54 p.m.:

Baby Han Solo has found his Princess Leia! Scroll to see a photo of Emerald Howson, and visit the Karpiuks' blog to read about how The Force brought them together.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified Han Solo as "Hans" Solo. The author of this article wishes to apologize to our readers here and in galaxies far, far away.


Baby Princess Leia
Meet 4-month-old Emerald Howson, daughter of Jake and Jenn Howson. Visit the Karpiuks' blog for more photos.