Baby Lions At National Zoo Learn To Swim (PHOTOS)

Four adorable lion cubs at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. learned how to swim on Tuesday.

The cubs are all around eight weeks old, but The Washington Post reports that in a few more weeks they will be too large and potentially dangerous to be handled by their keepers. Before the cubs are moved to the larger lion quarters, which has a moat that gets as deep as nine feet, zoo officials need to be sure they have no problems in the water.

Although lions are born with the ability to swim, zoo officials want to make sure each of the cubs are comfortable with the water to be certain any future incidents are prevented. In the case of these four juvenile cats, everyone passed the test -- though some were certainly more unhappy with the sopping situation than others.

Check out photos of the cute cubs taking their first dip in the water below.

lion cub swimming lessons