Lisa Irwin Update: Deborah Bradley And Jeremy Irwin Appeared On 'Dr. Phil' Show

The parents of the Kansas City baby missing since October said last week that they believe the little girl is still alive.

Deborah Bradly and Jeremy Irwin told KCTV that their 10-month-old daughter, Lisa Irwin, is closer than ever to being found after they made an appearance last week on the Dr. Phil show, pleading for her safe return.

"Nobody takes a baby to hurt her," Bradley told the station. "She's coming home."

The Missouri couple reported Lisa missing from her crib at about 4 a.m. on October 4. Bradley has said that she fell asleep drunk while taking care of her daughter. Her husband returned from working a night shift to find the front door and a window in the baby's room open, according to Reuters.

Both Bradley and Irwin have spent hours talking to the cops, though they've been accused of failing to cooperate and refused to be interviewed separately.

Speaking on the TV psychologist's show, they reiterated previous denials that they had anything to do with their daughter's disappearance.

"She is out there somewhere, and I am desperate to find her ... I just want my daughter home," Bradley told The Associated Press. "People don’t understand just how difficult it is to wake up and find out that someone has came into your house and taken your baby, and then you are accused of doing something to her or covering something up."

Cops assigned to the case aren't as optimistic. The Kasas City Star reports that detectives had their first interview on Thursday with Irwin and Bradley since Oct. 8, but the sit-down didn't lead to any breakthroughs.