Baby Lisa Irwin Clue: Debit Card Transaction Made On Child Name-Changing Site

It's been almost eight months since a 10-month-old girl went missing from her Missouri home, but her parents hope that a fraudulent debit card charge could lead them straight to their daughter.

Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, whose daughter Lisa went missing the night of Oct. 4, appeared on the "Today" show this morning, revealing that their card was stolen and then used a month after Lisa's disappearance.

The card was charged $69.04 on a British website for a baby name-changing service, they said.

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Kansas City Police are skeptical, but are investigating the claim.

"I am a mess," Bradley told Ann Curry on "Today." "I am frustrated. It has been almost eight months, and we're not getting any answers. We understand that the FBI and the KCPD have a job to do, but we need answers. We need Lisa. The answer to us that 'we are looking at it' is unacceptable."

Lisa Irwin was reportedly stolen out of her crib sometime between when her parents last saw her on Oct. 3 and the morning of Oct. 4. Bradley has said that she fell asleep drunk while taking care of her daughter. Her husband reportedly returned from working a night shift to find the front door and a window in the baby's room open.

Since the disappearance, Irwin's parents have been on plenty of news and talk shows, including "Dr. Phil," in their search for leads. They've denied any involvement in the case several times, though cops have previously accused them of failing to cooperate and refusing to be interviewed separately.

Meanwhile, the parents' meetings with police continue to dwindle as an already long investigation winds down.