Baby Lisa's Parents Ask Supporters To End Candlelit Vigils On Their Lawn

Vigils for Lisa Irwin ended on Tuesday after the missing baby's parents requested that supporters stop demonstrating on their lawn.

There had been nightly prayer gatherings in front of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin's Kansas City, Mo., home, but the parents said they interfered with daily life and disturbed their neighbors, according to The Kansas City Star. Lisa's grandmother told the supporters their presence was troubling to the missing infant's half-brothers and that the family desired a sense of normalcy, The Star says.

A group called Lisa's Angels -- which searched more than 20 times for Lisa, who was 10 months old when she vanished in October -- said they'd find another location for the vigils, TV station KSPR says.

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Though the group will abide by the family's wishes, the volunteers said it hurt them that they were not wanted, according to Reuters.

Relations between police and Lisa's parents have been strained as the search for the missing baby drags on without any breaks. At times, cops have said the parents have been uncooperative, citing cancelled appointments.

A lawyer for the parents later criticized the police for the lack of leads in the case. On another occasion, an attorney for the parents cast doubt on a police sweep of the home during which a cadaver-sniffing dog allegedly smelled a dead body odor.

Lisa's parents claim their child was abducted by a kidnapper. Jeremy Irwin told police when he returned home after working a night shift, a window was tampered with and his daughter was missing. Bradley claimed that she drank too much that night and didn't hear intruders.

Police, hungry for any clues, allegedly turned to a psychic for assistance, according to a Fox News report.