The Complexities Of Love And Attraction, Showcased By Babies

02/13/2014 12:14pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

Audrey Vigo, 1, and 10-month-old Noah Sutton are somewhat of a thing, Noah's dad told Good Morning America. But the older, more mature, Audrey gets fed up with her younger suitor's antics every so often. It's like, when is he going to grow up already?!

On the day the two got together to appear in a batch of Valentine's Day photos, Noah was up to his usual tricks -- joking around, teasing the lady.... Young Audrey had had it up to here (about 2 feet) with him. But then Noah was all, "Baby love, oh baby love, oh baby... how I need your love..." -- and her heart sang and the pair gazed off into the sunset, never to look back.

Right, okay, we'll stop now. Behold, the sweetness.

Love In One Photo