Baby Sage Loves Goats: 1-Year-Old Hugs Every Goat In Petting Zoo (VIDEO)

Baby Hugs Every Goat In Petting Zoo!

A baby's first year of life is full of milestones -- a kid has to learn how to smile, laugh, and sit up straight all while charming his way out of trouble. So a toddler may not have enough time to focus on the finer details of life like, say, the difference between adorable dogs and adorable goats.

That's apparently what happened to 14-month-old Sage, who was overwhelmed with joy on his first trip to the petting zoo when he saw a farmyard full of what he perceived to be dogs.

The result of the mixup is a full-on hug fest featuring every goat in the zoo, which was captured on camera and posted to YouTube. Sage not only hugs the animals, but lays his head on top of each goat for an extended embrace.

Check out the video above!

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