To Baby, A Magazine Is An IPad That Doesn't Work (VIDEO)

WATCH: Baby Wonders Who Broke The iPad

Imagine baby's frustration when she discovers a magazine is just, well, a magazine.

No sliding images. No interactive content. Nothing for those adorable chubby hands to play with but pages filled with words.

Watch as this 1-year-old moves her little finger up and down on the pages of Marie Claire hoping for some movement. Sorry, kid. Nothing's going to happen.

"Who broke the iPad?" she likely wonders.

"It's a magazine," mom or dad would say. "A print publication millions read every day. It's not supposed to move."

"Imagine that," she'd think.

The new generation is growing up with more digital than print media. They play with their parents' smartphones, tablets, laptops. We guess It's only natural that they examine items that don't respond to touch -- and then move on to the things that do.

(Found via Alltop)
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