After Being Rejected By Her Mother, A Baby Monkey Makes Friends With Two Puppies

When Mubi the baby drill monkey was just two-weeks old, she was rejected by her mother Yola. Simon Jeffrey, a zookeeper at Port Lympne Animal Park in England was forced to step in to hand-rear the monkey for her safety.

"There's only about 45 of these animals in captivity, and there's only about 3,000 left in the world," says Jeffrey in the video. "They are one of the 25 most endangered primates in Africa, so they are very important to the conservation effort."

While Mubi spends most of her days at the enclosure with her parents, where they can see her through a window, at night she bonds with Jeffrey and her new friends -- two Jack Russell puppies named Lain and Daisy.

Mubi, Lain and Daisy are all around two-months-old now, and from the looks of it they enjoy exploring and playing, a lot.



Unlikely Animal Friendships