The History Of The Baby Name 'Stormi'

How popular is the name Kylie Jenner chose for her daughter?

Kylie Jenner announced on Tuesday that she has named her new baby girl Stormi.

The reality TV star and beauty mogul gave birth to her first child with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, on Feb. 1. She announced the news on Sunday following months of speculation about a possible pregnancy.

Jenner shared her daughter’s name in an Instagram post showing the newborn’s hand wrapped around her finger.

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Following the baby name announcement, Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian, tweeted a storm emoji.

Like her sister Kim, Jenner has selected a fairly obscure name for her child.

The name Stormi first appeared in the Social Security Administration’s public data in 1957, when six baby girls were given that name.

The SSA only releases data for baby names that were given to at least five baby boys or five baby girls in a given year. In 1959, five baby girls were named Stormi. In 1964, the name showed up in the data again, this time with 12 baby girls. Over the subsequent decades, Stormi gradually rose in popularity until it peaked in 1992, when 90 baby girls were given the name.

In recent years, the name has declined in popularity. Thirty baby girls named Stormi were born in 2016, 34 in 2015, and 21 in 2014.

The spelling variation of Stormy is a more popular choice, with 125 baby girls given that name in 2016. Another 79 baby girls were named Stormie.

Jenner’s choice of name is somewhat surprising, given the allegations involving President Donald Trump and a porn actress who goes by the name of Stormy Daniels.

Considering the Kardashian-Jenner family’s influence on American culture, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the name Stormi get a popularity boost after this news.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have made a habit of choosing unpopular names for their children, but those names have jumped up the charts in subsequent years.

In 2014, 33 baby boys were named Saint, while in 2015, the number was 37. In 2016 ― after Saint West’s birth in December 2015 ― the number of baby Saints had jumped up to 115.

The name North did not appear in the data for girls before North West was born in June 2013. In 2015, five baby girls were named North, and North West’s nickname, Nori, has jumped from 11 girls in 2013 to 168 in 2016.

Kourtney Kardashian’s son Reign was born in December 2014. That year, 47 boys were named Reign, but the next year, the number jumped to 120 baby boys and then 158 in 2016.

Her first son’s name, Mason, also saw a bump after his birth in December 2009. According to SSA data, 10,477 baby boy Masons were born in 2008 and 10,682 in 2009. By 2010, the number had risen to 14,837, and the name hit an all-time high as the second most popular name for boys in 2011, with 19,503 newborn boys named Mason.

The name Penelope followed a similar pattern after Kourtney chose that name for her daughter, who was born in July 2012. There were 1,547 baby Penelopes in 2010 and 1,871 in 2011, and then the number rose up to 2,531 in 2012 and 4,282 in 2013. In 2016, 6,367 baby girls were named Penelope, making it the 27th most popular name for girls in the U.S.

We’re waiting to see if to see if Kimye’s newest baby name, Chicago, or the nickname Chi will have a similar bump, and of course, there’s every chance that Stormi will too.

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