Baby Names 2013: The Hottest Names Of The Year (So Far)

And The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2013 Are ....
portrait of beautiful redhead infant with blue eyes
portrait of beautiful redhead infant with blue eyes

Written by Pamela Redmond Satran for Nameberry

Which baby names are hottest out of the gate for 2013?

According to Nameberry statistics, here are 13 unusual and surprising names attracting significantly higher views in the first quarter of this year versus the same time period last year.

Influences include television characters and romantic literary heroes, celebrity babies and classic jazz musicians. Our picks for popping names are as contemporary as Wilder and as ancient as Phaedra -- and they include surnames, word names and diminutives along with classic firsts.

Here, Nameberry’s 13 hottest names for 2013 so far.

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Top Baby Names Of 2013 So Far