Lindsay Walsh, Fine Arts Grad, Uses Baby Oil To Remove Eye Makeup

Getting liquid eyeliner or heavy eyeshadow off at the end of the night can be a pain, but sleeping in our makeup is simply not an option. So we've gone back to basics thanks to this eye makeup removal tip from Fine Arts graduate student Lindsay Walsh.

"[Baby oil] works really well to remove my mascara because it comes off easier and it's really gentle," she explained. And it doesn't hurt that it's cheap, too.

When we asked Walsh how she keeps her skin moisturized, especially since it's blistery cold out, she said, "I started using African shea butter oil for the winter time because it's good for windburn and super dry skin. My cheeks have started to get red and discolored in the cold, and I've been trying to use that -- it seems to be working so far."

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Beauty Street Style: Lindsay Walsh

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