Baby Olinguito Photo Redefines 'Cute' With Half House Cat, Half Teddy Bear Adorableness

We know it's National Cat Day, which means adorable kittens have overwhelmed the Internet, but this picture of a baby Olinguito just couldn't wait.

(Besides, the Olinguito species was only discovered in August of this year -- it could be awhile before the little cuties have their own day.)

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This particular Olinguito, pictured in Colombia's La Mesenia Reserve forest restoration project site, is said to be about the size of a kitten.

A full-grown Olinguito, which one researcher described as "a cross between a teddy bear and a house cat," is said to grow up to 14 inches long.

"They are so tiny," writes Saving Species, a conservation group working to protect land where the species was found. "They almost fit in the gentle hands of our conservation experts."

The animals eat fruit and only have one baby at a time. Their long claws and padded feet help them grip branches as they walk among trees in the cloud forest.

Fortunately, unlike so many other species, Olinguitos are not at risk of extinction any time soon, National Geographic notes. We hope that means we can enjoy photos like this for years to come!

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