'Baby Ostrich Dance Party' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And Is Ridiculously Adorable (VIDEO)

WATCH: Baby Ostriches Have A Dance Party

No music? No problem!

A lack of tunes won't stop these baby ostriches from flipping up their feathers and dancing. In a video entitled "Baby ostrich dance party," that's exactly what these chicks do.

The dancing duo are actually being raised as pets in Arizona by the blogger behind Camels & Friends, a site detailing one unusual pet owner's experience living with two camels, along with a variety of other animals.

The baby ostriches' owner notes that the tiny emus featured in the video are a bit shier than their ostrich friends.

We don't recommend trying this at home -- since ostriches are known to act aggressively and shouldn't be keep as pets -- but we're glad someone took the initiative to film these dancing babies. The young birds are certainly more lively than this sleepy baby ostrich.

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