Baby Otters At The Oakland Zoo: Officials Reveal Sneak Peek Of Litter (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Oakland Zoo Welcomes Baby Otters

Oakland Zoo officials recently allowed the public a sneak peek into a whole new world of adorable when they released images of three baby river otters born last month.

The otter pups will not officially be part of the exhibit until May -- first they need to learn how to swim and must grow to a certain size.


Authorities at the zoo say the babies weighed a mere 150 grams at birth. Their mother, Ginger, is currently nursing them. "It is very important for baby otters to learn appropriate social behavior from their mothers, so we are happy that Ginger has been such a great mom and is raising such well-adjusted pups," Zoological Manager Margaret Rousser said in a statement.

Zookeepers have described the pups as "very vocal" and said in a few weeks they will begin eating fish and meat.

Welcome to the world, pretty young things!

Baby Otters in Oakland

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