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Kristina Pyton, Graphic Designer, Uses Baby Powder For Oily Hair

Each time we meet a gorgeous girl on the street with a no-fuss beauty routine, we want to give our makeup bags a major overhaul. And Kristina Pyton is the latest pretty face to convince us that we've become hoarders.

The graphic designer relies on Kiehl's products to keep her complexion flawless and is a fan of the brand's light moisturizer. "I try to avoid as many extra layers on my skin as possible, especially in the New York heat that's heading our way soon," said Pyton.

Her makeup is minimal, to say the least. Pyton credits her girlfriend for the black mascara she uses to elongate her eyelashes. (Now that's love!)

As for Pyton's sickening (and we mean that in a good way) boyish crop, it was her solution after moving away from her hairstylist.

The short 'do worked in her favor -- now she can "just go to a barber for a $14 haircut." Plus it only takes Pyton about four bucks to maintain her hairstyle at home. "I use baby powder between washes to keep my hair from looking oily. I literally just sprinkle baby powder on my head and then just shake it until it's all disappeared. Baby powder is my secret weapon."

baby powder oily hair Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style: Kristina Pyton

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