Baby Girl's Throat Cut With Power Saw By Relative In Chicago: Cops

Police in Chicago are investigating the death of an infant girl whose throat was reportedly cut with a power saw.

The body of the child, who was said to be less than a year old, was found on Monday morning, according to the Associated Press. Police said that a 52-year-old female relative of the child, identified by several news outlets as the baby’s grandmother, used a circular power saw to cut the girl’s throat. The suspect allegedly attacked the child because she wouldn't stop crying.

The woman is also believed to have “shoved something in the baby's mouth -- possibly cloth -- to get the girl to quiet down,” police told The Chicago Tribune.

Police told WLS-TV that the woman tried to kill herself, and is in custody at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Both she and the baby were reportedly found by another relative.

Neighbors of the baby girl were shocked.

"They were really good people," Francisco Arreola, who lives next door, told the Tribune of the people who lived with the child. "I would always see them and they were very happy. I never heard them fight or anything ... They never had any problems."



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