Baby Products You Don't Need: 11 Useless Baby 'Essentials'

Baby Products You Don’t Need

The moment your pregnancy test shows positive, the list of "needs" in your life suddenly shifts -- and grows and grows and grows. You may find yourself lost in the aisles of Buy Buy Baby, certain you won’t be able to live without every last high-end baby monitor, super swaddle and BPA free bottle on the shelves. The truth is -– and we know you know this, deep down -– there are only a few essentials, and once you become a parent, you won't have time for the extras. Herewith, the un-registry, a list of products we think are really good for one thing: a great big laugh.

Have a look, then tell us if you agree by voting or leaving a note in the comments!

Prenatal MP3 Player

Ridiculous Baby Products

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