Baby And His Pug Friends Have Some Seriously Cute Cuddle Sessions

WARNING: Adorable work distraction ahead.

What's cuter than a smiling baby? How about a smiling baby cuddling with a pug puppy?

An Instagram account called Pugsnkisses84 is making that dream come true. Baby Louie is the focus of the account, along with his friendly pug pals.

Baby Louie Vs Puppy Oreo and Elvira! 🙈🙈😂😂 @cutepuppyclips

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In their free time, Louie and his BFFs have some serious cuddle sessions and adorably exchange kisses. The 6-month-old's mom, who asked to be identified as Lynne, documents it all on Instagram. She told The Huffington Post that Louie and the dogs have grown up together.

"Some other mums frown at me for letting him near the pugs and dogs, but he's been next to them since a day old," she said.

Louie got to meet our baby Trio this morning! I think this one was his favourite! 💙🐵

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Puppy snuggles 🐶and kisses 😘on a Saturday night before bedtime for baby Louie 💤💤💤💤

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Since its first post in January 2014, the account has grown from an assortment of adorable pug posts to a collection of special moments between a boy and his dogs. The Scotland mom started sharing videos and photos that showed off her son's contagious smile when his puppy playmates came around.

"Louie is only 6 months old but his hand-eye coordination is fantastic," Lynne told HuffPost. "He pats the pups gently and really gets excited when he sees them."

Baby Louie adores the puglets especially fatso Bruce! 💙🙈🐵

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Morning ball pool fun! 🙊❤️😍

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Currently, more than 37,000 people follow the adorable adventures of Louie and his pug friends on Instagram. Lynne never predicted the attention her son and dogs would receive.

"I'm just a little lady from Scotland, U.K. with a love of her son and her dogs," she told HuffPost. "It's a bit mad!"

Kissy kissy Elvira! 💗

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They have a lot of fans to please, but based on their level of cuteness we doubt they'll have a problem.

For more of Louie and his pug pals, check out Pugsnkisses84 on Instagram and Facebook.

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