Baby Pug Bath Time: Aww! Mom Licks Adorable Puppies Clean (VIDEO)

ADORABLE: The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

There aren't many things world that are more adorable than a baby pug. Well, maybe a baby pug taking a bath.

That's exactly what these three pups are in for in a video from Animal Planet. But bath time for baby pugs is not all fun and bubbles. Nope -- in fact, no water is necessary.

In the video, pug siblings Freddy, Suzie and Ivan receive a thorough lick down from their mother. Licking not only gets the pups clean, but is also one way for a mother to bond with a young pup, the narrator explains.

Watch the infinite cuteness for yourself in the video above and if that doesn't satisfy your daily fluff quota, then see more heart-melting photos of puppies in the gallery below.

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