Baby Pygmy Hippo Goes On Display (VIDEO)

A rare pygmy hippo, born at a zoo in Hampshire, England, was on public display for the first time on Monday. "The newborn, who hasn't been named, yet stayed close to her proud mother Wendy. She was born as part of a European conservation breeding program."

The UK Daily Echo adds:

The female hippo was born weighing 9lb (4kg) to parents Wendy and Antone on November 13.

A spokesman for the zoo said: ''She has formed a strong bond with her mum and they spend many hours swimming together in their pool.''

The shortlisted names for the hippo are all places in west Africa which is the native home for the pygmy hippo. The names are Loko, Kadina, Zimmi and Lola.

The World Conservation Union estimates that there are fewer than 3,000 pygmy hippos remaining in the wild.

The nocturnal forest creature has found its native habitat under threat as forests are logged and converted to farm land.

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