It Certainly Sounds Like This Charming 7-Week-Old Baby Just Said 'Hello'

At 7 weeks old, most babies can't do much, but little Cillian has already said his first word.

Toni McCann, a 36-year-old drama-school teacher from Belfast, Northern Ireland, was recording herself saying "hello" to her newborn son when all of a sudden he appeared to repeat her.

“I am a huge talker,” McCann, who has three other children, told Yahoo Parenting about the amazing moment. “Cillian had been trying to communicate for a while, but it really surprised me how clear his ‘Hello’ was. I’m glad I got it on video, as I’m sure no one would have believed me.”

Alas, Cillian hasn't said anything other than the one "hello."

“He hasn't said anything since but you can tell when he’s trying," she told the Belfast Telegraph. "When he flicks his tongue in a certain way, you know he wants to say something.”

Babies usually say their first word at 4 to 6 months, according to BabyCenter.

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