Baby Sea Turtles Released Into The Ocean (VIDEO)

WATCH: A Bunch Of Baby Sea Turtles Get Released And Swept Up By Wave

It's baby sea turtle galore! In this video, a set of sea turtles are released into the ocean. Although not many details are provided, the YouTube contributor, MrsCritterSitter, writes that this takes place in Cabo San Lucas, and says, "They were adorable! But the awesome part was the crowds reaction when a wave finally came up and got them..."

While the circumstances of this specific situation are unclear, different organizations in Cabo San Lucas and around the world work to protect sea turtles and then release them back into the wild. According to Terra Daily, the non-profit organization ASUPMATOMA in Cabo San Lucas has saved thousand of baby sea turtles from coastal development, pollution, and illegal hunting and fishing practices by protecting the nests and then releasing the baby sea turtles into the sea.

Not all sea turtles are as fortunate. Last month, a green sea turtle was found dead in Australia after swallowing 317 pieces of plastic. The Associated Press reports that the turtle had consumed fishing line, packing tape, lollipop sticks, and plastic bags, which ultimately led the animal to slowly starve to death. Sadly, many other sea turtles suffer from ingesting plastic each year.

An analysis in January by the National Wildlife Federation, the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the Florida Wildlife Federation found that more sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico were killed or injured in the months following the BP oil spill than in any other similar period in the last two decades. Hopefully these babies won't see a similar fate.

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