Adorable Baby Figures Out How To Take A 'Selfie' (VIDEO)

Baby's first selfie!

Today's cutest video award goes to the very clever 1-year-old Evie, who picked up her mom's phone and somehow managed to record a selfie video of herself.

Mary Ann Saxton, the baby's mother, didn't realize what little Evie had done until she noticed her camera app was open.

"I was looking through iPhone pictures I had taken of my daughter and noticed a video taken recently that I didn't recognize or remember taking," the Nashville, Tenn., mom told the Daily Mail. "I pressed play and realized that Evie had taken a selfie video with my iPhone! I can assure you this was not planned, encouraged or staged. I am much more careful with my iPhone now. She's getting too smart!"

While Saxton said she's let Evie play with the phone before in "locked" mode, she never expected her daughter would (or could) switch it to the camera function.

Little Evie's viral selfie is already well on its way to achieving the sort of fame garnered by this all-star dad and his adorable 3-week-old daughter. Baby selfie needs not satisfied? Check out this amazing slideshow of baby selfie-style pics. You can thank us later.