Baby Sloths Take A Bath (VIDEO)

We're pretty sure baby sloth bath time is the best time of the day, especially when there's a tasty hibiscus flower in it as a reward.

Not, not for you, for the sloths, sorry.

For these little guys, bath time doesn't just involve a bucket and a garden hose. Instead, it's a gentle shampoo in a leaf-enfused tea concoction. And according to their caregiver, the hibiscus flower dessert is to sloths what chocolate is to humans.

This adorable video reminds us of Sid, the baby sloth who clutched his favorite teddy bear while drinking a bottle of milk. Sid, who lives at the Bristol Zoo in the U.K., weighed just over a pound when he was born and enjoys a diet of milk and cooked vegetables.

While two-toed sloths like Sid aren't facing extinction, their three-toed cousins are considered "critically endangered." Similarly, maned sloths are considered "vulnerable," with habitat destruction and climate change as the most prominent threats to their way of life.

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