What To Do If You Find A Baby Songbird Out Of Its Nest

Rosemary Mosco's handy flow chart has the answers.

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the hatching of adorable baby songbirds.

But what should you do if you spot a tiny fluffy chick that's fallen from its nest? Leave it there; or take it your local veterinarian surgery?

Luckily, Rosemary Mosco has produced this handy flow chart to answer any questions you may have:

The New England-based science and nature cartoonist's beautifully functional diagram is going viral, and can be downloaded from her own website.

It begins by asking whether the bird is visibly injured or attacked by a cat. By answering "yes," you're urged to contact a wildlife care center or rehabilitator.

Responding "no" throws up a whole series of other questions, with outcomes ranging from returning the bird to its nest to not intervening at all.

In a humorous aside, Mosco also asks whether the bird has "many sharp teeth" and a "large claw on the second toe," which may indicate you actually have a dinosaur on your hands. Her advice? Run or just back off slowly. Hopefully it won't notice.

Mosco, who has an M.S. degree from the Field Naturalist Program at the University of Vermont, has worked with the National Park Service and other organizations to "present science in accessible, fun ways," according to her website. Here's her amusing take on global warming protests, which she posted on Twitter on Sunday: