Watch This Mommy Spider 'Explode' With Babies During A Violent Showdown

Watch This Mommy Spider 'Explode' With Babies During Showdown

Next time you do battle with a spider, maybe check first to make sure it isn't carrying a legion of "mini-mes" on its back.

An Oct. 3 video captured by YouTube user Mathew Duncan features a violent showdown between two spiders -- and shows what looks like a couple dozen babies exploding from the spider under attack. It's worth the (very creepy) watch.

Dr. Leonard Vincent, an entomologist and arachnid expert at Fullerton College in California, identified the "exploding" spider as a wolf spider.

"Female members of this family have their eggs sac attached to their spinnerets," Vincent told The Huffington Post in an email, referring to the spiders' silk-spinning organs. "Where the adult female goes, so does the egg sac."

Once hatched, the spiderlings crawl onto their mother's back and stay there for a week or two before becoming independent -- unless another spider attacks.

Then, it looks like they scatter early.

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