Baby Squirrel Gets Tiny Purple Cast After Falling Out Of Nest (PHOTO)

LOOK: Little Survivor Squirrel Gets Cast

A little grey squirrel, dubbed "Violet," who fell from her nest last week has been outfitted with a cast that fits just right.

According to the Solent News & Photo Agency, Violet fell to ground when a couple unknowingly trimmed the tree branch that was holding her nest.

Spotting the baby and realizing she was now separated from her mother, the couple called up animal rescue workers at the Wildlife Aid Foundation, who bandaged up the squirrel with a small cast that was -- you guessed it -- violet.

Foundation workers have since been feeding her a special milk formula while they nurse her back to health, MSNBC reports.

"Violet is a little fighter and is coping very well - I’m really hopeful she will be fine," Lucy Kells, hospital manager at the Wildlife Aid Foundation, told the Daily Mail. "We hope we can release her back into the wild in about 16 to 20 weeks' time."

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