Baby Squirrel Passes Out After Delicious Meal

Baby Squirrel Passes Out After Delicious Meal

It's baby squirrel season, one of two times per year the wee ones are born. Sometimes the little animals become separated from their mothers and siblings and end up in the care of wildlife rehabilitators.

City Wildlife, Washington, D.C.'s only urban wildlife rehab center, currently has 16 baby squirrels, ranging from 2 to 7 weeks old.

"They have come in from all over D.C. and suburban Maryland," Executive Director Paula Goldberg tells The Huffington Post.

In this video, a sweet young'un is fed by syringe:

Phew, it's really exhausting gobbling down formula/being so cute!

And here is what our little nut-lovers will look like once their eyes have opened, at about a month or month-and-a-half old:

That's when they will start "transitioning to solids," says Goldberg. "They eat baby food, applesauce and mush, squirrel formula and soaked dog kibble mixed with oatmeal. They advance to solids fairly quickly. We give them finely chopped fruits and vegetables and try to duplicate what they eat in the wild."

Speaking of wild, we're just nuts for these tiny animals. Thanks for taking good care of them, City Wildlife!

The Humane Society has a helpful FAQ about what to do if you find a baby squirrel away from its parents. Get in touch at if you've got an animal story to share.

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