Watch 6-Year-Old Surfing Prodigy 'Baby Steve' Show The Grown-Ups How It's Done

Watch This 6-Year-Old Surfing Prodigy Show The Grown-Ups How It's Done

Move over Kelly Slater, there's a new guy running the surfing scene -- and he just graduated from kindergarten.

Meet "Baby Steve" Roberson, a 6-year-old surf legend-in-the-making who shreds waves five times his size with dudes five times his age. With only four years of surfing under his belt -- yep, he started surfing when he was just 2 years old! -- this little guy fearlessly glides through the water like he's been surfing for decades.

Sharks apparently don't spook the brave little first grader either. While surfing on a rainy day in October, a 14-foot shark lunged at Steve, his dad, his brothers with its mouth open. Luckily, Baby Steve's dad, pro surfer Kaleo Roberson, threw his surfboard at it and punched it away, Hawaii News Now reported. Baby Steve made sure news reporters knew that he wasn't scared, saying proudly, "That shark was a poopy poo!"

Baby Steve has two older twin brothers, 8-year-olds Justin and Eric, and together, they are known in the industry as the Roberson Brothers -- a talented trio of wild and crazy little surfer boys. As their Facebook page proclaims, "We are your worst nightmare and your adorable angels all rolled up into one huge ball of laughs & chaos."

In the video above, watch Baby Steve show the grown-up surfers how it's done on a big wave day at Honolua Bay in his home island of Maui.

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