Baby Swans In Lagoon: Palace Of Fine Arts Announces New Flock Of Adorable Birds (PHOTOS)

Don't believe what the Tale of the Ugly Duckling taught you: Baby swans are adorable, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Blue Boy and Blanche, the two remaining adult swans in the Palace of Fine Arts lagoon, hatched their own flock of six adorable little baby cygnets last month.

Five of the fluffy babies, hatched on May 17, are white-footed swans like their mother. The sixth has black feet -- just like the Ugly Duckling.

The new flock came one year after Blue Boy and Blanche made headlines for ousting their sister from the lagoon and losing their first daughter, Martha, most likely taken by a hawk or a raccoon.

But they have redeemed themselves with their new flock of young, lively and oh-so cute cygnets.

Scroll through the slideshow below to see the happy family:

Baby Swans