Baby Tasmanian Devils Born At Taronga Zoo (VIDEO)

WATCH: Baby Tasmanian Devils

Don't let the name "Tasmanian devil" fool you. These four baby devils, or joeys, are super cute.

In the video below, the Tasmanian devil keepers at Syndey, Australia's Taronga Zoo hold the four babies for the first time, during the zoo's breeding season.

According to ZooBorns, their mother Nina snuggles around them as a keeper lifts each out to determine its gender. The litter includes one girl and three baby boys.

This comes as good news to the zoo. Tasmanian devil breeding centers have been working to fight extinction, as the devils are threatened by Devil Facial Tumor Disease. The disease, which already wiped out sixty percent of the wild devil population, causes tumors to form around the animal's face. This limits their eating ability and eventually results in starvation.

To learn about efforts to save the Tasmanian devil, click here.

For photos of the center and the Tasmanian devils that live there, click here.


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