Baby Oliver Experiences The Full Spectrum Of Human Emotion In 62 Seconds (VIDEO)

There are two obvious ways to react to this video of baby Oliver waking up from his nap. 1. Amusement and joy and 2. Skepticism.

For those in the first camp, Oliver's progression from cranky to irate to blissful to stern -- all in 62 seconds -- is an adorable summation of the spectrum of human emotions.

If you are a naysayer, however, you may be quick to assume -- as many many commenters already have -- that something scatological is behind Oliver's superfast mood swing. Yeah, yeah, babies can't really smile until 6 to 8 weeks, and anything new parents intone as joy before then is likely gas. We get it.

But, in this case, Oliver's dad Brian says the curmudgeons are wrong.

"Yes, I'm sure he wasn't just pooping," Brian explained on Reddit where he posted the video. "I checked his diaper after this video was taken and it was completely clean."

So there you have it. Now, go enjoy this sweet clip along with the rest of us.

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